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February 22, 2019

An Important Pilot Study for the Vaccine was Finished in 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – February 22, 2019- Global Green, Inc., a green bio-pharmaceutical Company provides the following information: Salmogenics, Proof of Concept and Efficacy Study of a Salmonella vaccine in combination with a Marek’s vaccine against a Salmonella challenge.

Salmogenics vaccine stimulates an immune response in inoculated broilers against several intestinal field strains of Salmonella strains.

This pilot study pretrial pursues proof of concept to demonstrate the feasibility of Salmogenics to reduce the presence of Salmonella in chickens and its viability to be used in simultaneous combination with a Marek’s Disease vaccine usually applied in ovo.

Our study had a start date of December 18, 2017 and an end date on February 9, 2018. For this pilot study 160 chickens Salmonella free where separated evenly in four groups and vaccinated in ovo with Marek’s disease vaccine, with Salmogenics, with Salmogenics combined with Marek’s disease vaccine and the last group with saline solution as control group.

On day 33 chicks were challenged with Salmonella Heidelberg.  On Day 50, all chicks were euthanized and necropsied and tissue samples were collected from each bird to be tested for Salmonella isolation and Marek’s disease virus antibodies.

After the challenge, the number of tissue samples negative for Salmonella by treatment group was significantly higher than the others for the group injected with Salmogenics mixed with the Marek’s disease vaccine, 50%, except for the group vaccinated with Salmogenics which closely followed with 45%.  The group vaccinated with Marek’s vaccine disease was only 35% negative post-challenge to Salmonellas and the Control/Placebo group was only 25% negative post-challenge to Salmonellas.

Blood Serum samples were run on the Chicken Marek’s disease virus antibody (MDV IgG) ELISA kit and the mean titer results showed that Salmogenics does not interfere or does not interfere significantly with the Marek’s disease vaccine. The mean titer results for Marek’s disease vaccine was 3.50 pg/ml, for Salmogenics was 3.49 pg/ml and for Salmogenics in combination with Marek’s disease vaccine was 3.27 pg/ml

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