Colleague Comments

Colleague Comments

What Top Poultry Research Scientists Are Saying About Salmogenics™

Top research scientists for poultry, such as Dr. James McNaughton, agree that the Salmogenics vaccine has much to offer the poultry industry. It reduces chicken mortality and protects humans from consuming Salmonella infected chicken, while at the same time providing a safe protein source for a hungry world.

The September 2010 Largest Egg Recall in the history of the United States Didn’t Surprise Salmogenics™ Expert Dr. Sotomayor

“Twenty years ago it seemed obvious that poultry growing practices would expose chickens to the stress of accelerated growth with an added stress of being confined in crowded cages, this would have weakened their immune systems and Salmonella would eventually be a Public Health problem like we are witnessing today.

That is why I began my research at that time to find a safe and effective solution to handle the upcoming Public Health issue with Salmonella.

Our years of scientific research prove the Salmogenics vaccine reduces the presence of Salmonella in both chickens and eggs.”

Through technology, more chickens and eggs are able to be produced. By combining science with technology, the Salmogenics vaccine helps to provide a solution to the Salmonella problem.