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Jun 04, 2013

Global Green’s Salmonella Vaccine Could Contribute to Sustainable Long-term Poultry Health and Performance

Tallahassee, Fla – June 4, 2013 – Global Green, Inc. (OTCBB:GOGC) announced today that Salmogenics, the Company’s patented Salmonella vaccine for poultry, could contribute to sustainable long-term poultry health and performance.

Improving sustainability in poultry production means not only reducing costs and maximizing productivity but also a focus on bird health and welfare and other societal concerns. Consumers have increasing concerns about food safety (food-borne pathogens, pesticide residues, additives, antibiotic residues/resistance), nutrition, and production process concerns (animal welfare, genetically modified organisms, environmental impact, etc.).

“Sustainability is about thinking globally,” commented Jim Perdue of Perdue Farms at the U.S. Egg & Poultry Association’s 2013 Poultry Process Workshop. He stressed that the concept of sustainability is wrapped around providing the world with a nutritious product that is safe, affordable, accessible to the consumer and produced in a way that respects the earth, animals and people with the understanding that it does not necessarily cost more money to do this.

Salmogenics has many advantages proven in field studies, including:

– Stimulates an immune response in chickens, improving the heath and welfare of the bird, and those that eat chicken

– Healthier birds experience weight gain and reduced mortality

– Administered in ovo into the unhatched chicken, eliminating trauma

– Reduced illness, or mortality, due to Salmonella

– Cost effective for the poultry grower

Dr. Mehran Ghazvini, Chairman and CEO, stated “We believe that it is possible to produce the animals we eat with integrity, humanity and attention to ecological systems.”

Salmogenics is in the final stage of testing and trials before the final USDA approval for its commercial application.

About Global Green, Inc.

Global Green, Inc. is a green pharmaceutical company committed to identifying technology platforms and commercializing products that contain natural organisms that are not genetically modified, utilizing pharmaceutical standards. Salmogenics, the Company’s flagship product, was developed by Nutritional Health Institute Laboratories, LLC, research affiliate and majority shareholder. For more information, visit HYPERLINK “”

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